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Gaga in the Desert – Winter 2022


December 29 @ 3:00 PM


December 31 @ 2:00 PM




Moa Oasis, Israel

Adi Zlatin & Yaniv Avraham



Awaken your senses and imagination in a unique three-day Gaga experience in one of the more scenic locations Israel has to offer, the Moa Oasis.

This Gaga weekend allows participants the opportunity to connect both in body and soul and experience a wide range of sensations and emotions, while developing their agility and experiencing the joy of movement in a welcoming and enabling environment.

This workshop is designated for both experienced Gaga practitioners and newcomers alike; past experience in movement and dance is not required.

Date: December 29 – 31, 2022

Location: Moa Oasis, Israel

Teachers: Yaniv Avraham & Adi Zlatin

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Moa Oasis was founded in an attempt to create an institute for a culture of peace; peace between man and his surroundings, man and his friends, families, peoples, cultures and his inner self. Moa is located in the Arava desert, between the Tzofar and Tzukim, right along the Israel national trail and the Incense and Spice route. Moa stretches over 60 dunams and includes an orchard, a lake and an extraordinary view of the desert’s majesty. Moa is owned by the Method & Wisdom organization, which follows Buddhist teachings and has multiple monks and students permanently residing in Moa. The site is strictly vegetarian/vegan, allowing no alcohol or motorized vehicles on the premises, boasting 30 rooms/tents and a 300 square meter ceremonial hall. The drive from Tel Aviv to Moa is 2.5-3 hours long, and includes the famous Sodom-Arava downhill roads. A list of participating instructors will be published a month before the workshop.

Photographer's credit: Gadi Dagon | Ascaf | Sharon Derhy | Maxim Waratt
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