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Gaga & Metodika Workshop at Suzanne Dellal


July 4

6:00 PM - 8:45 PM


מרכז סוזן דלל

Ohad Naharin



We invite you to a refreshing and illuminating Gaga & metodika workshop with Ohad Naharin, originator of the Gaga movement language.
We will start the workshop with a Gaga class in two groups, which will be taught simultaneously by Adi Zlatin in one studio and Hani Sirkis in the other. After class, we will all gather for a joint metodika class with Ohad Naharin.
Held at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, the workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with your body, devote yourself to movement, change your physical habits, and take part in Ohad Naharin’s latest movement research.

Gaga allows us to move, dance, strengthen and challenge the body, derive pleasure from it, and awaken the senses and imagination. During the workshop, we will discover different ways of working with the body, expand our existing qualities and unlock new ones, and take part in a dynamic dialogue with the Gaga language.

The workshop is open to everyone, without the need for previous experience in dance or movement, and reflects the latest developments in Ohad Naharin’s ever-evolving movement research.

“When I teach Gaga online, and when I teach in the studio, I always feel that there is one person in front of me, and that person is you. I feel privileged to be in your company, sharing my research, my discoveries, and dancing together with you.”
– Ohad Naharin

Date & Time: Thursday, July 4, 18:00-20:45

18:00-19:00 – Gaga class with Adi Zlatin or Hani Sirkis
19:00-19:15 – short break
19:15-20:45 – metodika with Ohad Naharin
Metodika is a longer movement class which allows for the physical experience of the Gaga principles at a different pace.

*The workshop is open to everyone age 16+, with no previous experience needed
Classes will be taught in English.


Price: 240 ILS 

By registering for the workshop, you confirm that you have read and understand our policies.
It is forbidden to bring weapons into the studio, and there is no storage for weapons on site.  

Questions? Please send any questions to [email protected]

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