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Experience Orsolina28

Housing for GagaEden in Italy

GagaEden is a uniquely immersive experience! Leave behind the city, and dance, eat, sleep, and relax in a scenic natural environment. Bring your swimsuits and rain boots, and join us this spring for a sensational retreat in an Italian dance haven.  

Orsolina 28 provides shared housing in Glamping, comfortable and technological geodesic domes located on campus just a 5-minute stroll from the studios:

  • Geodesic domes made of thermal insulation material and placed on wooden platforms.
  • Modern-design bathroom units in close proximity to the domes.
  • Simple and practical furnishing, with standard beds on wooden platforms
  • Capacity: Participants will be housed in 4-person domes (diameter 5.1 m / height 3.35 m) and in 6-person domes (diameter 6.3 m / height 3.75 m). 
  • Heating and A/C system available in each tent.

Besides housing, the Orsolina28 experience includes:

  • Fresh meals made with locally grown produce.
  • Access to bio-lakes for swimming.
  • Activities including a tour of the grounds, gardening, and optional GRAVITYⓇ training sessions for conditioning.
  • Transfers at fixed times on  between the main train station in Asti and Orsolina28 – May 2 and 5

Bicycle rentals are available for an additional fee.  

Directions: How to reach Orsolina 28

Coordinating Housing:

After completing your payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to further coordinate with the Orsolina28 team about your housing arrangements. For any inquiries about housing, please contact [email protected]

Photographs courtesy of Orsolina28. Credits include: Michael Pictionary, Andrea Guermani

Photographer's credit: Gadi Dagon | Ascaf | Sharon Derhy | Maxim Waratt
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