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Gaga at Suzanne Dellal

Classes at the Suzanne Dellal Centre and other branches throughout Israel will be paused as of Saturday, September 19.

Type of subscriptionPrice Price per classExpiration
Introduction: 1 month of unlimited entry275 ILS 1 month
Introduction: 3 classes195 ILS65 ILS1 month
4 classes280 ILS70 ILS1 month
8 classes480 ILS60 ILS1 month
6 classes435 ILS72.5 ILS2 months
8 classes520 ILS65 ILS2 months
12 classes720 ILS60 ILS3 months
24 classes1320 ILS55 ILS3 months
40 classes2100 ILS52.5 ILS6 months
Unlimited entry510 ILS 1 month
Unlimited entry for 3 months1440 ILS480 ILS (per month)3 months
Unlimited entry for 6 months2790 ILS465 ILS (per month)6 months
Class with Ohad Naharin 70 ILS 

*It is possible to pay in installments.

Subscription policy:

Subscriptions are individual and nontransferable, and they are valid only for the classes at Suzanne Dellal.

Policy for temporarily freezing membership:
1. In exceptional cases, you can freeze your membership for a period of up to 21 days per calendar year and for no less than a week in each case. Only subscriptions of 3+ months can be temporarily frozen.
2. Examples of exceptional cases are illness/injury, reserve duty, or a trip abroad. You must provide written confirmation or proof of these circumstances.

In case of cancellation of a subscription that is 3 months or more in length, partial refunds will be calculated according to the number of classes already taken (these classes will be calculated at 70 ILS per class).
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