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Individualized Gaga Teacher Training: Information for Applicants


The individualized teachers’ training program is designated for professional dancers who have a significant interest in Gaga and wish to dive into an intensive process with the language while developing as Gaga teachers.

The program consists of one year of training, which can be done continuously or over a longer time, with breaks in between training periods (but not longer than 2 years total).

The program’s schedule is based on joining Gaga classes with the Batsheva Dance Company and the Ensemble, Gaga/people classes, and additional program’s sessions, all of which take place in Suzanne Dellal on a daily basis.

Criteria for Applicants

Applicants must have a strong background in dance and prior experience in Gaga. Although not required, prior teaching experience is valued.
Proficiency in English is required.
Applicants must be available for some periods of high intensity training in Tel Aviv.

Application Process

To apply to the teachers training program, please send your CV, a headshot photo, and a video of your dancing to: [email protected].

Applications must be accompanied by a 160₪ non-refundable application fee, and will only be reviewed after receiving this fee. Please use this link to pay the application fee via Paypal.

Audition in Tel Aviv

Some of the applicants will be invited to audition to the program in Tel Aviv. 
During the audition, the applicant will join a few Gaga classes with Batsheva Dance Company and meet with the program’s directors.
Applicants should plan to stay in Tel Aviv for at least a week to allow flexibility for scheduling classes and meetings, in accordance to the staff’s and the company’s schedules.
After this stage, the artistic directors will decide whether or not to invite the applicant to begin the training process.

Introductory period

The Gaga teacher training will be preceded by a two-month introductory period in which the participant will take an active role in the program. During this time, the artistic team and the participant will get to know each other through the daily work plan of the program.

At the end of the two-month period, the participant will be informed whether or not he or she is invited to continue in the program.
The payment for the introductory period is part of the fee for the teacher training program and is non-refundable.

Requirements for Participants

The program requires an estimated total of one year’s active participation in classes in Tel Aviv. Due to the individualized nature of the program, we are able to accommodate the participants’ personal schedules. Each participant may spread the program over the course of a longer time, with breaks between training periods. The training periods will need to be coordinated with the program’s director.

During the training periods, participants will attend the following programming:

Company classes: 
Sunday-Friday at 10:00 (subject to change in accordance to the company’s schedule). *These classes will be taught on a frequent basis by Ohad Naharin.

Program meetings and methodics:
At the moment, these meetings takes place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12:15-15:15, at Studio Naim (18 Shimon Hats’adik, Jaffa). 
As of April 2019, we will be working 4 full days a week, starting right after the morning class and until 15:30.

Gaga/people classes:
4 (minimum) per week. these classes take place 6 days a week, mornings and evenings, in Suzanne Dellal.

● Monthly Gaga/people class with Ohad Naharin.

● During the training process each participant is required to join at least 2 Gaga Intensives, either in Israel or another location, and at least 1 teachers intensive.

Each candidate for certification will practice teaching within the context of the program. In addition, towards the end of the process, each participant will teach at least two Gaga/people classes open to people who are currently active in regular Gaga classes, as well as at least one Gaga/dancers class. Candidates will receive feedback on these classes from senior teachers.

Certification as a Gaga teacher depends on the candidate’s personal achievements during the program and is not guaranteed by mere participation. The individualized teacher training program is conducted under the artistic direction of Bosmat Nossan; she will closely follow each participant’s process.


The fee for the one-year program is 35,000 ILS.


Participants are responsible for their own visa arrangements. Gaga will be happy to assist, as much as possible, if need be.

*Please note that all content is subject to change.

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