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Celine Barreau

Céline Barreau

Céline (she/her) began dancing in childhood, training professionally and performing around Switzerland until she moved to the US for her studies where she continued dancing and performing in venues all over the East Coast. In May 2016 she received her degree in Neuroscience & Behaviour with a minor in Dance.

Céline went on to travel around Europe delving deeper into improvisation methods, collaborating with multidisciplinary artists, and performing in art galleries. She has spent the last 4 years working in London as a teacher, choreographer, performer, movement director, and director of several dance training programs. During this time, she lived in Tel-Aviv Israel for a year training to become a Gaga teacher and graduated from the program online in September 2021.

Céline is also a fibre artist with a small business of her own while working with other small businesses around the UK as a visual collaborator.

Currently, Céline is based between London, UK, and Lausanne/Geneva, Switzerland.

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