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Gili Navot

Gili Navot

Gili Navot was born in 1981 in the United States and raised in Israel. From 1993-1999, she studied at Wizo High School in Haifa, and she also trained in ballet at Liora Bing’s studio. Gili joined the Batsheva Ensemble in 1999, and she performed as a member of Batsheva Dance Company from 2001-2008. During her time with the company, she began teaching Gaga. She also choreographed six dances for the Batsheva Dancers Create platform.

In 2009, Gili taught Ohad Naharin’s repertory at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York City. She also created a work for the HaZira Performance Art Arena. Her choreography was included in the 2010 Curtain Up and International Exposure festivals.

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