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Noa Paran

Noa Paran

Noa Paran was born in Israel in 1986 and trained as a dancer in the Kadima Community Center.  From 2007-2010, she was a dancer in the Batsheva Ensemble and performed in works by Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal. Noa also performed as a collaborating dancer in Network (2011) by Maya Levy & Hanan Anando Mars and Garden Of Minutes (2015) by Noa Zuk & Ohad Fishof.

Noa began teaching Gaga in 2008. She gives classes to the Batsheva Ensemble and taught in the Gaga Teacher Training Program. She also teaches regularly in the Gaga/people classes in Israel and in dance schools and workshops in Israel and around the world.

Noa received a Bachelor of Design degree from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. In 2018 she was appointed Rehearsal Director for Batsheva – The Young Ensemble.

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