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Yankalle Filtser

Yankalle Filtser is an independent dancer, a young choreographer and an Ilan Lev practitioner. He is a graduate of the Maslool Training Program in Tel Aviv, the Academy High School for Dance in Jerusalem and the Danceweb – ImpulsTanz scholarship program in Vienna. He was the recipient of scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Tel Aviv Municipality, the Clore Foundation and the Academy of Music and Dance. Yankalle worked as a dancer in the Inbal Dance Theater and as an apprentice in the Batsheva Ensemble. He also worked as a dancer with various choreographers, including Barak Marshall, Noa Zuk, Sahar Azimi, Ido Tadmor, Odelia Kuperberg, Shlomi Bitton, Irad Mazliah, Tammy Yitzhaki, Ido Ceder and others.

Yankalle’s choreographic works have been presented in various settings including the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Mahsan 2, Batsheva Ensemble Dancers Create shows, Inbal Theater, winning the Diablogue competition and later on in festivals in Europe. He worked as a choreographer in collaborations with the musicians Tzlil Danin, Yotam Mahler, Daniella Tourgeman, Amit Fishbein and Tatran. Yankalle also collaborated with Castro, Dvision Studio, Bamoss Square, Homecore Tel Aviv Eliran Nargassi. He presented short choreographies at the Teder, Nanuchka, Eretz Israel Museum, International Exposure Festival, Performa in Studio Naim, Mi Casa Su Casa, Maoz Leadership Program, Gufia Studio, Bar Ilan University and as online productions in International Magazines. He is a member of the Yafo Creative and The Pool collectives. He holds workshops in Israel, France and Kiev. In addition, he is represented as a model by the Yuly Agency and works for leading Israeli fashion brands.

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