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We asked several dedicated Gaga users, "What do you enjoy most about taking Gaga class?"
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We see it in each others’ bodies, during class and in our post-class spotlights: the joy, the pleasure, the passion to move, the sense of togetherness. But what if you could articulate in words how you feel about Gaga, and why you take class? We asked a few users from around the world to do just that, and they shared their perspectives.

What do you enjoy most about taking Gaga class?

Idil, performer/yoga instructor, Istanbul, Turkey
Practicing Gaga lightens up my day. The physical invitation to be silly inside of various tasks opens up many possibilities for different ways of thinking and embodiment. I love this method because it reminds me of joy and lightheartedness. Gaga encourages me to follow my creative spark and wake up different body parts that contribute to a whole lighter, happier presence. 

Minnie, doctor and lecturer, Lisbon, Portugal
Gaga frees my body and mind! When I finish my early morning sessions, I can hear myself say, ‘I am full of joy and energy,’ I am a practicing medical doctor and lecturer on health and neuroscience. I understand how Gaga exercises can be therapeutic to many of my patients. I recommend it every day! I feel younger and more flexible with my 67 years!

Kimberley, dementia care specialist and death doula in Iowa, USA
My daily practice of Gaga is a deep infusion of nutrients for the body and soul. It ignites the bones, muscles, nerves and blood, waking and rejuvenating circulation. Gaga makes me aware of constant potential in presence and perception. It joins me to the child in my heart and the longing to be a part of something greater than myself that welcomes and accepts me for who I am. The teachers have all become dear to me and I look forward to my time with them every day. Seeing all the other students is unifying and inspiring. I view each class as an adventure with unique perspectives and discoveries.  In turn, my day becomes exactly like that. The dance fills me with lightness and invention as I go into painful situations with the hope that I can bring more compassion and delicacy to my patients and their loved ones. Gaga is my tribe and my Dance of Life.

Esther, chocolate-maker, Berlin, Germany
Gaga has changed everything. As an ex-dancer now working as a chocolatier, the possibility to dance in the middle of working has brought back my previous strength and flexibility. Gaga brings lightness and fresh energy to my work! Standing for 8 hours straight has taken its toll on my legs and spine…all removed with Gaga!

Jonathan, social worker and administrator in New York, USA
I can’t imagine how I would have maintained even a shred of physical fitness or mental health during the past two years if it wasn’t for Gaga Online! Having lost access to the in-person Gaga classes that had become such a vital part of my life, Gaga Online stepped in to provide an extraordinary replacement, introducing me to phenomenal teachers and to fellow participants from around the world. I’ve learned so much from these master teachers, with their wide range of styles and their continually advancing skill with Zoom. I gained such profound inspiration and sense of community from my fellow participants. 

Meir, photographer, communication and film lecturer, Tel Aviv, Israel
Gaga Online enables us to discover the familiar spaces of our lives in a new way. By exploring the unexpected rhythms, chaos, silliness, laughter, lightness, and gravity of our own bodies we realize the extent to which Gaga has helped us remain vital and hopeful during the long periods of lockdown that have accompanied the Covid pandemic. Gaga Online is not virtual. It is as real as it gets. 

Charles, retired art historian, critic, blogger, and artist in New Jersey, USA
I’m a 78-year-old man who never did formal exercise or played sports until I was in my seventies, although I was very active pre-Covid. I live in Jersey City, NJ, and I’m a former art historian, critic, blogger, and artist — now retired. Dance is my latest enthusiasm — going to dance performances and, for the last four years, taking Gaga dance classes. The online classes have kept me sane and fit during this time of plague.

Even though the classes are online, I never feel isolated; I feel as if the teachers interact with me. Thanks to their dedicated and inspiring teaching I’ve learned new ways to move and different ways to experience my body. Who knew motion could move through me in waves; or the more I relax the faster and looser I can move; or that I can initiate movement with different body parts? But most of all I’ve learned that expending my energy like a five-year-old, going all out, fills me with joy.

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