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Gaga/dancers Online Workshops

Upgrade your Artistry

Expand your artistic boundaries from the confines of your home through special live-streamed workshops. Designed for advanced students and professionals, our online Gaga/dancers workshops draw on dancers’ skills while igniting users’ imagination and passion to move. Connect to your clear form, effort, stretch, stamina, and the scope of sensations in Gaga/dancers class, and dive deeper into the research of Gaga through methodics. The richness of Ohad Naharin’s repertory, tailored to this online format, serves as another source for exploration in many of our workshops.  Together we will research and discover our ability to go beyond our familiar limits and infuse our dancing with groove and pleasure.  

Classes are given on a simple online platform, Zoom, and registration is directly via our event pages below. 


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Photographer's credit: Gadi Dagon | Ascaf | Sharon Derhy | Maxim Waratt
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